Buyers Guides for COVID-19 Products

Essential Equipment and Supplies for COVID-19

As the global pandemic takes its toll on all countries and economies, better preparedness for slowing the transmission, managing patients with COVID-19, and protecting frontline health workers is critical.


As always, VIA Global Health is committed to delivering life-saving medical equipment and supplies to communities in emerging markets who most need them. Our team is working around the clock to source and deliver COVID-19 products to our buyers as efficiently and as affordably as possible.  


There are some unique challenges in the global supply chain that affect inventory, shipping, and pricing which we are monitoring and troubleshooting daily. However, VIA Global Health continues to source critical PPE, diagnostics, and COVID-19 patient management supplies from our network of trusted manufacturers.  See HERE for COVID-19 essential supplies currently available from VIA. 


Information in these Buyers Guides will be useful for purchasing decisions and preparing health care systems to safely respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  VIA Global Health does not make clinical recommendations; product selection should be considered according to the training and skills of the available health workforce, facility infrastructure, and existing resources and technologies within and available to the healthcare system. We recommend consulting with the guidelines from World Health Organization (here) and local, and national guidelines and protocols.(1)

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VIA Global Health is committed to supporting health systems access affordable and appropriate medical products to improve the health in their communities. Products included in our Buyers Guides are available for purchase at VIA Global Health

References and Acknowledgments

(1) World Health Organization (WHO) Country & Technical Guidance – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Found Here