Feb 8, 2018 | Latest News

New Product: HEMAFUSE™ from Sisu Global Health

VIA Global Health is excited to announce that the HEMAFUSE™ is now available to order through our global health sourcing platform. 

The HEMAFUSE™ autologous transfusion system is an alternative to donor blood for cases of internal bleeding by using a completely mechanical device that can salvage, filter, and recycle blood from where it is pooled internally to be re-transfused immediately during surgery. Hemafuse can be used in cases such as abdominal bleeding, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and trauma-related surgery.

“The Hemafuse addresses a need in surgical and emergency medicine that may not yet be realized, but with an innovation like this we can build awareness of the problem while also offering a viable, appropriate and affordable solution at the same time,” said Brian Krawczyk, VIA’s head of Global Business Development.

“With years and thousands of hours spent with distributors and medical providers throughout emerging markets, our team has learned directly from those industry leaders what the needs are, and the Hemafuse solves for many of those challenges.  We’re excited to help bring this innovation to our hundreds of distribution partners across 25+ countries of Africa, India/South Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America, and ultimately to the thousands of medical professionals and millions of patients that this device was designed to treat.”

The HEMAFUSE™ is manufactured by Sisu Global Health, with support from Johns Hopkins University, USAID, Gates Foundation, GE-Backed First Mile Innovation Challenge from CAMTech and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider and at TEDxMidAtlantic.  The HEMAFUSE™ currently holds Kenyan Pharmacy and Poisons Board and Ghana FDA regulatory approvals.

To request a quotation or additional information, please visit the HEMAFUSE™ product page or email our sales team at sales@viaglobalhealth.com.

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