Nov 17, 2017 | Latest News

World Prematurity Day 2017

VIA Global Health is committed to reducing mortality rates worldwide from preterm birth.

According to the World Health Organization 15 million babies are born preterm every year and  more than 1 million of these babies will die before the age of five.  An estimated ¾ of the these deaths are preventable, as illustrated by the contrast between survival rates around the world.  [source]

VIA Global Health works with innovators and more than 200 distribution partners in emerging markets to provide affordable access to life-saving interventions. Working with our partners, and supporting products from essential programs such as Saving Lives at Birth, VIA has shipped hundreds of essential devices such as the Pumani bCPAP, the MTTS Firefly and the Bempu Hypothermia Bracelet  across India and Africa. The relationship extends far beyond transactions to ensuring maintenance, access to parts and proper training and use.  In the coming weeks VIA Global Health will be releasing a new video library of all product training videos.

VIA Global Health is reinventing the global healthcare supply chain with a vision to scale health innovation to the 6 billion people living in emerging economies. Leveraging our e-commerce and logistics platform, VIA connects global healthcare equipment suppliers to a network of verified local distributors – with a mission to create universal access to the tools that enable quality healthcare. For media inquiries please email

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