At VIA, we are more than just a catalog of products. We are a buyer-inspired company who listens to our buyers and constantly adapts our business to best serve them with a full suite of services. Our buyers are everything to us, and these services are developed to best serve their needs and address their challenges so that they can grow their businesses and improve access to health tools for their communities.

Sales Support & Customer Service

Our customers are our purpose, and we are passionate about forging long-term relationships with our buyers, creating trust built on honesty, understanding and personal attention. We are local and responsive, helping to support you every step of the way, keeping the relationship long after your shipment is delivered. See what our customers have to say about our service.


Our logistics experts bring extensive experience and personal attention to each and every customer’s shipment. Express or freight, sea, air or ground, small or large budgets, we provide flexibility based on each order’s individual needs and local requirements. Wherever you are, whatever the product and however you want it shipped, we will find the right solution for you.

Product Training

We know how important product training is, so we offer training in a variety of ways, including live training webinars with product experts, where customers can ask questions directly to the expert. Buy from VIA with confidence that we’ll ensure that you are properly trained on how to safely operate each product we sell. Visit our product training page to begin your training.

VIA Rewards Points

Because our customer relationships mean everything to us, we thank our buyers for their trust and their loyalty with VIA Rewards Points. As you purchase and engage with VIA, you earn VIA Rewards Points to be redeemed towards discounts on products, shipping or samples on upcoming orders. The more you buy, the more you save. Learn more about VIA Rewards Points.

Buyers Guides

We researched important medical conditions and the best solutions for each to help our customers make the most informed purchases. We created these guides for conditions like COVID-19, cervical cancer and newborn jaundice to help our buyers understand products, what differentiates them and how to best decide which is right for them. View all of our buyers’ guides.

Product Catalog

We constantly optimize our product catalog to meet our buyers’ expectations, with a focus on innovative, high quality yet affordable products from dozens of categories. We offer an extensive variety of product options from sellers vetted to meet our standards, complete with thorough product information, ensuring we only sell products we trust. Source from the product catalog.

eCommerce Website

In order to give every buyer the same advantage of fast, easy and affordable purchases, VIA offers a sourcing platform that allows even the smallest of companies to keep up with the demand of a rapidly growing industry. Source from our catalog, receive real-time quotes, make trusted purchases and receive reliable shipments all through the VIA platform. Start sourcing now.

Distributor Websites

In an increasingly digital medical distribution industry, we know that having an online presence for your company is critical for marketing your products, increasing your company’s awareness in the market and building trust from local customers. Because of that, we offer VIA’s platform team to create locally branded websites for select distributors in our network.

Market Insights

With a goal of ensuring only relevant products enter the market, VIA’s Market Insights program taps into our global buyer network to gain critical local insights that inform better products coming to market. Because when products are developed and distributed with insights from the buyers and medical providers in the local market, we can help lead to better healthcare.